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The duties of the Director of Student Affairs are as follows:

  1. Coordinates wellness events and resources.

  2. Oversees IMSAC wellness initiatives.

  3. Supports Indigeneous medical students regarding the access of emotional, mental, and spiritual resources locally and nationally. 

  4. Promotes and advocates for the well-being of Indigenous medical students on a national level.

  5. Coordinates Elder supports and cultural events.

Candidate: Breezy beaudry


My name is Breezy Beaudry and I am a fourth year medical student at the Northern Ontario School of  Medicine. I am of Metis Cree and mixed European ancestry. I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC, the unceded traditional territory of the Syilx Okanagan Peoples. I was fortunate to grow up with multiple generations of family within a fifteen minute drive of my home. Slightly less traditionally, it is my mom, a strong female Indigenous Leader, who has provided the space for my Grandmother, a residential school survivor, and I to learn and celebrate our Indigenous Ancestry. I have been raised to walk in two worlds, taking on leadership roles among my Indigenous and non-Indigenous colleagues over the years. I am passionate about a holistic framework to health and feel honoured to be in the field of medicine. Some of my favourite hobbies include hiking, canoeing, backcountry camping, running, biking, skiing, backyard farming and reading. My partner and I live with our dog Luna, cat Blitz and our excessive amount of house plants in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I look forward to working with such a strong group of current and future Indigenous Leaders in Medicine.


After completing Highschool in Kelowna BC, I participated in a one year Rotary Youth Exchange to France. I then attended the University of Victoria where I received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Coop Degree. Following university, I worked as an administrative assistant at the Esquimalt Navy Base prior to being accepted to Medical School at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. I was actually my unit’s wellness coordinator when I was working on base as well. 

During my first two years of medical school I was the Wellness Student rep for my class, attending regular meetings, coordinating a variety of wellness related initiatives and advocating for my classmates who raised questions or concerns surrounding wellness, medical school culture and burnout. I have also played a mentorship/leadership role among my Indigenous classmates in both official and unofficial roles. Most notably, I have completed terms as a student representative on NOSM’s Indigenous Reference Group, as the student representative on the Indigenous Admissions Subcomittee, was selected to attend the Biennial Indigenous Health Conference (2020) and have presented at numerous events including Niijii mentorship night and Indigenous Affairs Admissions information nights. I am especially proud of my most recent Service Learning Project where I worked with Mino M’shki-ki Indigenous Health Team in Temiskaming Shores to create a Medicine Wheel-Likert Scale self assessment tool to help clients create and measure their Holistic health based on individual goals and the directions of the Medicine Wheel. I am very passionate about creating culturally relevant and safe tools for Indigenous clients, community members and learners to use in the pursuit of improved holistic health.


My goals include:

  • Helping IMSAC further define the role of Director of Student Affairs. Including the creation of clear 1, 3 and 5 year goals in both development and growth of the position. 

  • Working with other members of the Leadership Circle to create improved national communication among Indigenous Medical Students to improve facilitation and attendance of Wellness events and other initiatives. 

  • Create an event that can occur yearly drawing awareness to medical student burnout, with particular focus on our Indigenous Cohort. Create further opportunities for networking among students during this day as well as sharing resources and opportunities/ideas to promote wellness in their own medical schools and communities. I love the idea of a feature wheel going on Instagram for example, where Indigenous students can submit ways that they are promoting personal wellness or initiatives they have been apart of over the year. This is something I would love to team up with Communications and Director of Advocacy and Representation on. 

  • I would love the opportunity to share/ create a culturally relevant tool for medical students in Canada to be able to check-in on their own emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well being. Perhaps it could be apart of a larger package which would include important contact information and wellness tools etc.

  • Network with Elders from various communities across Canada. Goal of coordinating cultural events, allowing students in all walks of their journey to learn more from our community’s elders. Particular focus on health and well being.


Candidate: Stephanie Marr


I am Anishinawbe from Lac Seul First Nation in Northern Ontario but I was born and raised in Brantford, ON. I am a second year student at McMaster University (Waterloo campus) and can't wait to see where my medical journey takes me in giving back to my community. Just as an example, for the past few months, I have been fortunate enough to be hired as a vaccinator and offer culturally-competent care for the Indigenous community in the Waterloo region. My family is also super important to me--my mom and sister are my rock. I enjoy painting, cooking and watching movies with my family.


I currently sit as the Vice-President of Indigenous Health on the McMaster Medical Student Council and have thoroughly enjoyed my time advocating for Indigenous Health here at Mac. It has been a great experience connecting with Indigenous peers and physicians to make medical school a better place for Indigenous learners. During my undergrad, I was also quite involved in the Indigenous Students Association at the University of Waterloo, where I helped plan events, do community outreach and mentor Indigenous youth during summer camps. I was also selected for the Indigenous Summer Research Scholars program at McMaster where I assisted in a project on Indigenous knowledge translation in health research. The research I did there showed me how important communicating and connecting with Indigenous communities is in order to improve health--a fundamental principle that can be applied to many situations and often helps keep me grounded.


As the Director of Student Affairs, I plan to listen to the members of IMSAC and help support them accordingly. I think that developing wellness programs and initiatives without soliciting the needs of members is not an effective way to help them. It will be important for me to work with the Director of Communications to ensure events are appropriately communicated to members, as well as the Director of Community Engagement to collaborate on events as needed. The Regional Directors will also be important collaborators, as they may have a better understanding of the needs of their respective regions. Overall, my goal is to create a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for Indigenous medical students across the country.


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