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The duties of the Director of Finance are as follows:

  1. Has co-signing authority on all financial transactions with the Co-Chairs. 

  2. Maintains accounting records and provides quarterly budget reports.

  3. Pursues external funding opportunities and sponsorship from partners. 

  4. Facilitates reimbursements and keeps record of all expenditures.

Candidate: Amy Beevor-Potts


Hi! My name is Amy Beevor-Potts and I am Coast Salish from the Sts'ailes nation on my mother's side and a mixed white settler on my father's side. I'm currently a third year medical student at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver Fraser Medical Program). Within medicine, I'm interested in Urology, Pediatrics and advocating for Indigenous people in the healthcare system. Outside of medicine, I'm an avid hiker, baker, boulderer, and kombucha maker!


Last year, I served as president for an organization that facilitated health educational programs to high school aged youth and liaised with multiple high schools to organize programing starting from cold openers; I feel this experience would help in the role of director of finance as I am comfortable reaching out to companies to begin dialogues to receive sponsorship for IMSAC. I also have experience organizing and managing budgets for previous organizations I have worked with and could bring that background to the role.


My goals for this role are three fold. My first goal would be to reach out to organizations such as CFMS and IPAC to start generating ideas to receive funding for IMSAC. Following this, my second goal would be to set up programs to provide financial support for Indigenous student organized and focused events and to establish a reserve fund to set aside to support Indigenous Medical students in crisis and need. My third and final Initial goal as Director of Finance would be to create a master list of scholarships Indigenous medical students are eligible for to help support students in funding their education. However, I would also aim to take any and all suggestions from students to help support the best interests of Indigenous medical students!


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