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The duties of the co-chairs will be as follows:

  1. Represent and speak on behalf of the IMSAC.

  2. Call meetings, chair, and plan the agenda for council meetings. 

  3. Oversee all IMSAC events and committees. 

  4. Act as a support to other council roles as needed.

  5. Has co-signing authority on all financial transactions with the Director of Finance.

  6. Responsible for overseeing the association bylaws and governance. 

  7. Coordinate initiatives across the country.

Candidate: Sydney Forbes


Tansii, my name is Sydney Forbes and I am Métis from the Red River Valley from my mother’s side and white Settler on my fathers. I grew up out West, in Coastal BC, and was a member of the Métis Nation of BC. I moved to Ontario for my undergraduate degree, BScH Biology & Forensic Science, and am currently a member of the Métis Nation of Ontario. I am now entering M3 at Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia campus. 

In my free time, I like to hang out with my guinea pigs, get outdoors (especially if it’s seaside or up a mountain!), or read a good book. I also enjoy a good cross-stitch or beading project! I’m passionate about advocacy, representation, and governance – this is reflected in where I dedicate my time and what positions I hold. One experience that I’d like to highlight as it speaks to my core values, is the creation of a one-day workshop titled “Doctor For A Day NS”. This workshop is aimed at Indigenous youth and aims to foster an excitement around STEM and medicine as career paths. It is delivered by Indigenous medical students and is delivered in community. This hands-on interactive experience is about building relationships and showcasing representation while providing opportunities for the high school kids.


I believe that my past experiences make me a good fit for Co-Chair East. This past year, I was the Chairperson for the Dalhousie Medical Student Society which involved scheduling, preparing and collecting documents from the Council members, and running the meetings in accordance with a modified Robert’s Rules. I was also the President of the Indigenous Medical Student Association at Dalhousie and was responsible for the creation of this association, the ratification, growing our membership and running events. This past year, I served as your IMSAC Atlantic Regional Director which allowed me to make connections and build relationships with many of you. These three positions, and founding and running my Doctor For A Day workshop, allowed me to continue to develop my management (personal and time), communication, and networking skills. I have had previous leadership experience as well, throughout high school and my undergraduate degree, but I feel like these highlighted positions fit best with why I would be a good fit for Co-Chair. Throughout these positions, I have executed complex events, created budgets and reconciled them, put on events both in my university community and on reserve, and most importantly, had the opportunity to listen to what individuals wanted to see happen. I know that this is a position that I can take on while still balancing the time demands of clerkship and I am hopeful that you all will provide me with the opportunity to prove it to you all.


This past year I have had the privilege to sit on the Leadership Circle and see the huge strides of progress that we were able to make happen in this past year. I would like to carry forwards the work that the Circle is doing and continue to support and highlight our members projects where applicable. I believe there is still great opportunity to continue our outreach and promotional work to ensure that all medical students are aware of our organization, and hope to build relationships with individuals at each school so that we can ensure that incoming medical students are provided with the opportunity to join as members.  This past year, goals were set at the one-year and three-year level, and I would like to continue to push forwards that work so that we, as an organization, are able to achieve these goals. Overall, I would like to work to facilitate everyone in achieving their own goals and believe that is something I am well prepared for. Finally, I would like to have open lines of communication so that our members can feel heard in what they would like to see us achieve, or programming they would like to see, and let us work together to achieve it. Thank you for reading what I have put forward in my application. Maarsii.

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