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Strengthening Indigenous Medical Students Academic Resource and Excellence Summer Program*

*At this time, this event is for medical students at the University of Manitoba Max Rady College only.

What is SIMS ARE? 

The program is going to run from July 4th-29th with academic work, teachings from respected community members, and individual skill building each day. The focus is on metacognitive approaches to medical school study strategies, finding your strengths (areas you could support others in), and areas others might need to help you with.

We will accomplish this by connecting as a group and learning together. Our way of knowing is the backbone of our program. We have our Elders and Knowledge Keepers helping s and will be providing teachings, support, and strength through your program and medical journey. We will have ceremony, invitations to sweat, and other opportunities to go on the land. 

The program will incorporate in-class sessions (zoom or in-person), self-study periods, patient case presentations, test preparation, and bi-weekly "exams" to identify test-taking strengths and areas to focus on. We hope to pre-identify any academic, cultural, community, or personal supports a student may need in their medical journey towards Ongomiizwin. 

Our program is free to join, and you may be eligible for community funding. This year's pilot program is for University of Manitoba students only. Next year the aim is to have our program open to first year Indigenous Medical Students across Turtle Island.

Registration opens June 15th!

Come to SIMS ARE!

The program will start July 4th, running Monday-Friday until July 29th. As medicine is moving back to on campus learning, we are planning on having the program in person. However, we will have Zoom set up if this method of participation is beneficial to anyone.

We will have opportunities to sweat and practice other ceremony. You are welcome to be Scabe, come and help our relatives practicing, or you are free to enter the lodge and physically sweat.

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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